Our Aim is to develop confident, competent umpires and scorers by providing training, guidance and support in accordance with the ECBACO's "pathway of training."

It doesn't matter whether you choose to aspire to schools, colts, club, county, national or even international level, we aim to facilitate you on that journey at your own pace.

The MCBACO (MCB Association of Cricket Officials) is part of the structure that represents Umpires and Scorers across the country. The parent body, ECB ACO, is responsible for the recruitment, training and development of all officials for and on behalf of the national governing body, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). For further information about the national structure click a link at the bottom of this section.

Our association is also part of the Middlesex Cricket Board (also known as the Middlesex Cricket Participation Team).


In Middlesex our Association helps to underpin the national ECB Official Pathway for the development of Umpires. The beginning of the process is to encourage an understanding of the basic laws such as lbw, and no ball through introductory short courses for parents and helpers at clubs and schools. We then provide the appropriate courses and facilitation for anyone who wishes to progress further along the pathway to highest level.



This is the first step on the pathway and involves learning the Laws in some detail. Our level 1 courses are run from a variety of locations between January and March. In 2017 candidates will have a choice of a traditional 'one evening a week' course or a more intensive course run over three Sundays. Level 1 courses cover the basics of umpiring by teaching the relevant laws of cricket needed to officiate in Club matches.

For those who have passed Level 1 Umpiring and who wish to progress further, the next step is the Level 1A Umpires' Qualification Course. This course refreshes the Laws taught at Level 1 and also goes into them in more depth. Other laws of cricket are also introduced.

The 1A Course also concentrates on field matters such as man management, umpire co-operation and the other essential skills needed by an umpire when officiating a match.

The Level 1A qualification is awarded once:-

  • The candidate has attended the complete course, participated in the classroom exercises and completed the course work.
  • Assessments of the umpire’s ability during matches has been completed usually by a colleague or boundary assessor during the season.
  • The candidate has attended a discussion with an ECB ACO Assessor once the assessments above have taken place.

On the successful completion of the three components Level 1A qualification will be awarded.



Although at the moment in Middlesex it is not strictly necessary for Umpires to achieve Level 2 status to Umpire 1st XI Premier League cricket, in The Middlesex County League, preference is given to those who have achieved this level. The Level 2 qualification usually takes one or two seasons to complete.

It consists of the following:-

  • An initial two day course focussing on the practical applications of the Laws - sessions in the classroom, practical’s and on the field exercises.
  • Keeping a log of matches officiated and completing self-assessment performance appraisals.
  • A minimum of two games will be observed by an Assessor with the prior knowledge of the candidate umpire.
  • The completion of a workbook, which includes a section on each Law, requires the candidate to answer questions to demonstratehis/her understanding of the Laws.

Once the above has been completed the umpire will be invited to attend a Professional Discussion with an assessor. The discussion will reflect on the candidate’s workbook and assessments and once the official has been deemed satisfactory he/she will be recommended for the Level 2 qualification.

The grading system differs from the official pathway as it is a factual reflection based on where an umpire actually officiated successfully for a minimum of 6 matches during the previous season. It is also an indication of where an umpire is likely to officiate in the next season.

The gradings in Middlesex are:-

D - County 2nd XI, Minor Counties, Women’s ODI

C1 - Middlesex County League Premier Divison

C2 - Middlesex County League 2nd Divison

C3 - Middlesex County League 3rd Division

C4 - Middlesex Championship

C5 - All other levels of umpiring (minimum of 6 matches)

C6 - Inactive (less than 6 matches) and new umpires

However the basic grade is enhanced with a * where it has been determined the umpire has the immediate potential to officiate at the next level up the following year. Previous experience of umpiring at a higher level is recognised by a + (provided that person is deemed capable of doing so again at that level should the need or opportunity arise). As an example:-

A grade C4+2 would be awarded to someone previously graded C2 but based on matches umpired in the previous year, could only be awarded grade C4. Perhaps this was because they were only able to officiate in the Championship, yet the season before they had umpired in the second division of the County League.


In Middlesex our Association helps to underpin the national ECB Official Pathway for the development of Scorers.

This consists of three levels (levels 1 - 3) although level 1 is split between 1 and 1A. Level 1 teaching is firstly classroom based and is followed by an assessment or two. Progression to Level 1A follows a period of observation, assessment, coaching and mentoring and the verification of best practice plus substantial match experience. Entry to Level 2 requires the 1A qualification and the level 2 courses are usually run at a regional level. They include the teaching of other scoring methods and Duckworth-Lewis.

Progression to a level 3 course is on the recommendation of the Regional Scorers Officer.

Training Courses

Club Scorer (Formerly level 1)

There will be two separate Level 1 Scorers Courses in London, each run over two weekends in 2016 and 2017.


These courses will be run regionally. Candidates need to have been accredited at Club Scorer level  For more information and to enquire about a place on the course, click the link at the bottom of this section.


There are three separate Modules covering each of these three more specialized areas. We expect to run a separate Course covering each module in April 2017. If the Middlesex County Leagues adopt Duckworth-Lewis additional D-L courses will be run to train League Scorers required to use D-L Click on the link on the right to register your interest.

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