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Notes from Marilyn Smith, Chair of Membership Committee (Memcom)

MemCom has been set up as a Committee of the Middlesex Board to focus on issues with and for the membership of Middlesex. This is a committee of members of the Board and officers, supplemented with focus groups of members of the club to discuss specific issues.

The committee meet regularly over the winter, and hope to be able to meet members in focus groups throughout the coming months, depending on the Covid Roadmap.

This is the first of a series of regular updates on the activities of MemCom.

In September 2020 we had a focus group of members to discuss what membership offers and loyalty rewards we could offer, and this helped guide the Loyalty offer that we were able to offer you all in October.

We received some outstanding suggestions that we were able to discuss and incorporate into our members' loyalty reward offering, which combined with the proposals the Club put forward, were collectively met with appreciation from all members involved in the focus group.

In November 2020, following feedback from members in the focus group, the club were delighted to unveil the package of loyalty rewards it was able to offer to 2020 members.

In December 2020, MemCom reviewed the feedback from members on the Loyalty offer, finalised the details of the Christmas carol service for members, and talked about what events could be held in the summer 2021.

In January 2021 a focus group was held with members to talk about their experiences of membership, what offers there could be for all groups of members for the future. The members present were very complementary of the work that the Middlesex team had been doing to keep members updated, with all the communications to members throughout this time. Most were pleased with the virtual engagement, as they felt it gave members more opportunity to be involved, as opposed to having engagement based solely around meetings in person at Lords would, and felt that this should continue.

The focus group also discussed a lot of ideas about membership offers that would be suitable for all members, such as for women and younger members. They also put forward how much they would appreciate wider involvement on the club and activities, such as getting involved in charities. An example of this would be helping out with Felix charity.

The overwhelming impression is that members want to feel part of a club. Watching cricket is obviously right at the core, however there is a desire for wider involvement, with more associated activities, opportunities to meet and engage with other members too.

If you want to be involved in any focus groups, please contact the membership team. If you have an ideas on what you would like discussed, or events that you would like to see, MemCom is a vehicle for you to do that. There will be regular feedback of MemCom meetings given to members through the website, with regular requests for members to take part in focus groups

It's your club, and your chance to be involved. We're here for you, our members, so please get in contact if there is anything you wish to discuss.

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