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Dear Members,

We are clearly all delighted with the recent announcements made by Boris Johnson, paving the way for the return of crowds to cricket in the near future. We have been planning for a number of months now around the various scenarios that may occur and how as a Club we can get our members back viewing live cricket as soon as possible but crucially in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Now we have greater clarity we are working closely with the ECB and other authorities to provide some definitive dates for members. We will do everything within our power to ensure members get to see as much cricket as possible this summer, but only when it is deemed safe to do so. There is still a considerable amount of detail to work through and we also understand how frustrating this must be for members.

It seems unavoidable that some cricket will be played behind closed doors or with limited crowds this summer, and whilst this is disappointing for all we must adhere to the regulations. We are working hard with the authorities to minimise the amount of live cricket that is lost and will keep all members updated as and when we have more information. However we do recognise that members were both generous and patient in their support of the Club last summer and have continued to show that loyalty in renewing their memberships for this year. As a Club we do not take this for granted and whilst at this stage we don’t know how much live cricket will be lost I can confirm that we intend to compensate our loyal members in some way for days of live cricket that are lost, the details of which will be communicated once the scale of any restrictions is clear. Furthermore, the club will also be reviewing the loyalty rewards that were offered to 2020 members who renewed in 2021, to ensure that members receive the full benefit of these rewards, if not this year, then certainly in the future. This maybe of minimal consolation right now, as we know you become members to support and watch your team, but hopefully will reassure those who have renewed their membership or are considering renewing that you will be treated fairly.

On a positive note for those of you that have renewed your memberships, should we have restricted attendances, which looks likely for the early part of the summer, then clearly you will receive priority access over non-members.

Thank you once again for your patience, understanding and above all loyalty and I promise to keep all members informed as things become clearer.

Kind Regards

Richard Goatley

Middlesex Cricket CEO

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