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Almost two years ago, the Club established a Members' Communications Group (MCG), made up of six volunteer members who meet regularly with Senior Club representatives, to discuss the latest goings on at Middlesex and the matters that affect the Club and its members.

The Group was set up to help the Club improve communications from top to bottom, ensuring that key club messages and information are effectively and transparently disseminated to the membership at large and that members’ questions or issues that arise from within the membership are answered directly by the Club's Board Directors in a timely fashion.

The Group primarily serves the following purposes:

We are keen to expand this Group, bringing in new members, who are well connected with other fellow members, and who will be able to assist with that information flow between the Club and its wider membership.

If you're keen to get more involved with the Members' Communication Group, and are well connected with fellow members, and are happy to help the Club improve the lines of communication with its members, then we'd love to hear from you.

To volunteer to join the MCG, please email the Club's Head of Marcomms Steven Fletcher, at [email protected]

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