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Member FAQ's

If you have any queries which have not been answered in the questions below, please contact the Middlesex Membership team at [email protected].

Q - What is the dress code in the Lord's Pavilion?

A - Whilst in the Pavilion, gentlemen should wear lounge suits or a tailored jacket and trousers, shirt, tie or cravat and formal shoes with ankle socks. Jackets may be removed on the Pavilion Concourse and outside balconies, but must be replaced for entry to the Pavilion building. Ladies should wear dresses, skirts, or trousers (which may be cropped below the knee) or culottes, with blouses or smart tops and formal shoes, boots or sandals. Dresses, blouses and smart tops may be sleeveless or strapless, providing shoulders are covered in the Pavilion. Religious, traditional or national dress, or service uniform is permitted. The following items of clothing are prohibited however: zip-up jackets or anoraks (for gentlemen without a tailored jacket), denim jeans and other denim clothing, leggings or jodhpur-style trousers (unless worn under a dress or skirt), t-shirts, shorts, tracksuits, any form of casual shoe; such as flip-flop shoes, trainers, espadrilles, plimsole or any shoe with a rubber-style toe-cap. Please assist Pavilion Stewards by ensuring you and your guests are aware of the M.C.C. Pavilion dress regulations. Members or guests requiring exceptions to the dress code for reasons such as medical conditions, must have the prior authorisation, in writing, from the Pavilion Manager.

Q - Where can members sit during Vitality Blast matches?

A - Middlesex members must sit in the Pavilion or Members’ Friends’ Enclosures for these matches unless you have specifically purchased a general public ticket. General public tickets will also NOT allow members’ guests to sit with you in the members’ areas. Middlesex members (excluding County Members and Junior members) who wish to bring a guest (s) to any T20 Blast matches at Lord’s will need to purchase either a Pavilion admission ticket (maximum ONE ticket for each T20 Blast match) or Rover ticket (maximum FOUR tickets for each match). This will allow your guest to sit in the Lord’s Pavilion (if you have purchased a Pavilion admission ticket) or the Members’ Friends’ enclosures (Allen, Lower Tavern or Warner Stand) if you have purchased a Rover ticket.

Q - Can members bring a guest into the Pavilion during Vitality Blast matches?

A - For T20 Blast matches in 2019, Middlesex members (excluding County Members and Junior Members) may introduce ONE guest (who must be in possession of a non-transferable PAVILION ADMISSION TICKET) into the Pavilion at Lord’s. Pavilion Admission Tickets cost £20 for adults and £5 for 12-15 year olds.Please note: only juniors aged between 12 and 15 can be admitted to the Pavilion. Middlesex Junior members are NOT allowed to introduce guests into the Pavilion at Lord’s.

Q - As a member, can I purchase Rover tickets for the Vitality Blast for my friends? If so, how many?

A - Middlesex members (excluding County Members and Junior Members) are entitled to purchase up to FOUR Rover Tickets for each T20 Blast match in 2019, which will entitle the holder entry into the Members’ Friends’ Enclosures at Lord’s (this DOES NOT include the Pavilion).
Please note: If your friends and family purchase tickets for the general public stands, your Middlesex membership will NOT entitle you to sit with them in the public stands at T20 Blast matches at Lord's.

Q - Can members bring guests into the Pavilion during non-Vitality Blast matches?

A - Middlesex members (excluding Junior Members) are entitled to sign one guest into the Lord’s Pavilion for all Specsavers County Championship and Royal London One-Day Cup group matches and up to two guests into the Members’ and Friends’ Enclosures, after payment of the ground admission charge.

Q - How do members apply for priority tickets for 2020 Test Matches?

A - Priority Test Match Application Forms are available to all Middlesex members (excluding Junior members). All you need to do to take advantage of this benefit is the following:

- Send a stamped (Large Letter stamp) and self-addressed C4 envelope (equivalent to an A4 sheet of paper) into the Middlesex office, with your membership number clearly marked on the envelope.

- Ideally you should send your envelope in to us between the months of July and November for the following season’s Test matches, as we usually receive the Priority Applications Forms from MCC at the end of November each year.

- As soon as we have received the forms from MCC, they will be sent to you if we have received an envelope from you as specified above. Application forms are sent out on a first come first served basis. MCC issues Test Match tickets to Middlesex members for a limited period, normally at the end of November/early December, prior to tickets being opened up to a public ballot.

Q - Can I buy tickets for guests for matches at Lord's in advance?

A - Tickets for Specsaver County Championship and Royal London One Day Cup matches can be purchased in advance via the Lord’s ticket office on 0207 432 1000 or via Rover tickets, for T20 Blast matches so that your guests can sit in the members stands with you, can be purchased via the Lord’s ticket office, visit in person or call 0207 432 1000. Tickets for County Championship & Royal London One day cup matches are also available to purchase on the gate on the day of the match.

Q - As a Member can I enter the Members' areas for major International Matches?

A - Unfortunately, members have no privileges for major international matches except on the fifth day of a test match when they may enter the members’ areas but not the Pavilion, after payment of the ground admission charge and upon production of their Membership card containing a photograph.

Q - What is the dress code for the Pavilion?

A - For the Pavilion gentlemen must wear suits or tailored jackets and trousers, shirt, tie or cravat. Ladies must wear dresses, skirts or trousers, smart blouses or tops, and shoes, boots or sandals. Religious, traditional or service uniform is permitted. Please see the Members information guide for full details.

Q - Can I park at Lord's?

A - AS A MIDDLESEX MEMBER AM I ENTITLED TO PRIORITY APPLICATION FOR MAJOR MATCHES AND DO YOU SEND THE FORMS AUTOMATICALLY? The only parking available is for blue badge holders. This must be arranged in advance through the MCC club facilities office on 020 7616 8653.

Q - Can I bring alcohol into Lord's?

A - Yes, you are welcome to bring any of the following:- Up to one 75cl bottle of wine or champagne or 2 cans of cider/beer (max 500ml each) or two cans of premixed aperitifs (max 330ml each) into all Middlesex matches at Lord's.

Bottles of spirits or fortified wines will not be allowed into the Ground. Amounts of alcohol in excess of these limits and any alcohol in excess of these limits will be confiscated. Under no circumstances will any spectator be re-admitted to the Ground at any time during the day if he or she is in possession of any alcohol. MCC reserves the right to confiscate any alcohol from any spectator.