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Middlesex Cricket launches B20 Cricket

over 8 years ago|Uncategorised

“B20 Cricket - the fun and fast way to play the game”

Middlesex Cricket is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new format of the game to drive mass participation in the game of cricket – B20 Cricket.

Games are 20 balls per innings, which means it’s great for school lunchtimes and evening leagues, and in longer sessions lots of games can be played to make sure everyone gets involved.

While the rules of B20 cricket will be familiar – if you’re out you’re out, the team with the most runs wins – there are adaptations that keep it fast moving and accessible.

B20 is Middlesex Cricket’s flagship format for mass participation, providing playing opportunities for Primary and Secondary schools, beginners and pros, cricket clubs and parks.

The game can be played with a hardball or softball depending on the needs of the players and environment – beginners in a primary school might play with plastic kit and tennis ball in a playground, while a group of mums and dads coming back into the game at a cricket club might play in full pads on an AstroTurf strip.

Fully supported with equipment packages, digital scoring, leadership training and online league management system, B20 is the best way to introduce and engage more people to play more cricket in Middlesex!

Katie Berry, Director of Development for Middlesex Cricket commented:

“Getting more people playing cricket in Middlesex is our principal objective as a Participation Team and we have put a lot of research into establishing the most effective way of achieving this.

Very quickly we uncovered a real need for an accessible product, fast in format and fun to play, that sparks a love of the game.

In B20 Cricket we believe that we’ve found the perfect format to achieve this and drive mass-participation across the county. Having trialled B20 cricket in a high number of school and clubs within Middlesex already, we’ve received nothing but exceptional feedback across the board.

We are now excited about the next phase of B20’s development, as we roll it out across Middlesex, with ambitions to get every school and every club playing the format in years to come.”

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