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Middlesex players attemp to break a 117 year old record!

over 7 years ago | Uncategorised

When Albert Trott smashed Monty Noble for a huge six over the Lord's Pavilion in July 1899, few people would have thought that today, 117 years on, not a single cricketer would have ever repeated the feat!

This got us thinking! How difficult a feat was it to do and could it actually be done again?

With this in mind, we set up a challenge for some of the Middlesex players!


Get together some of Middlesex CCC's biggest hitters at Lord's, set up a bowling machine out in the middle, let the boys in on the challenge and then let them loose with their modern day heavy bats!

Eoin Morgan, John Simpson and James Fuller took up the challenge for Middlesex and under the watchful eye of the club's Managing Director of Cricket, Angus Fraser, Middlesex's overseas star Brendon McCullum, and a host of HD cameras to record their endeavours, we had some fun at Lord's.....


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