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County Champions Middlesex Cricket launch new brand

On the day that reigning Specsavers County Champions, Middlesex Cricket, announced a ground-breaking new kit partnership with Nike, the club also revealed a new brand identity for a new era.

The club takes immense pride in the identity it has built up over the last century and a half, in a rich and illustrious period of sporting history that has helped position Middlesex as one of the most respected and successful first-class counties in the game.

With the club now moving into an exciting new phase of its long history, it was felt that redefining the brand to reflect and represent the club’s values was vital.

The completion of an extensive research and consultation process, involving many of the club’s members, past and present players, existing and past stakeholders, and an array of brand development experts, saw Middlesex Cricket’s new brand unveiled today.

The new logo features a crown, to mirror the historical Middlesex County coat of arms, and a more modern typeface and logo full of energy and dynamism. The club also redefined its brand purpose: ‘We exist to be the most successful county cricket team in the country and to be a beacon in sport known and respected for doing things right.’   

Middlesex Cricket’s Chief Executive, Richard Goatley, commented...

“Today sees the completion of an extensive brand insight and development project which has brought us to this launch.

“Successful sporting organisations all have one thing in common – a strong brand identity with values that are shared with a wide audience. With our new partnership with Nike in place and with Middlesex Cricket’s brand purpose clearly defined we are excited about the future.”


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