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Middlesex Cricket would like to pass our thanks on to all at Viking Cricket, for a brilliant initiative they are running, which will see them supporting our disability players from disadvantaged backgrounds with donations of kit that they can use for themselves.

Viking Cricket's campaign will see them collecting used kit, from donations at regional selected drop in centres, and recycling it for our players, whilst also making donations of kit themselves to our Disability squads.

They're looking for people to donate any cricket equipment that can still be used by Juniors or Seniors alike, including cricket bats, gloves, leg pads etc - as long as it still has some life in it and isn’t ready for the bin. Simply hand it in at the regional collection centre listed below and they'll do the rest.

Jeff Wilson, Proprietor of Viking Cricket said:

"We try to help many good causes and have done all sorts in the past, like giving bats for raffle prizes after floods/break-ins to clubs working with the TCA a local foundation etc. However, each year we will have one cause we will get behind and give a donation to. We know what an amazing game cricket is and how it has helped turn around the life of many a cricketer. We believe in trying to encourage people to try and play cricket especially for youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds who might never have had the chance to play our wonderful game. We know what being part of a team can bring to individuals, like friendship, fun, self-esteem, belonging etc, so for 2018 we are very proud to announce we will be working with Middlesex Cricket Disability and Participation.

Michael Wilson, Participation Coach and Head of Disability County Cricket at Middlesex Cricket said:

“We have two disability county squads and a regional disability program with a further four teams. 

"Some of the players on this pathway come from some of the most deprived areas in the country, so even a second-hand bat or a cheap bat is not an option because of the lack of available money. Not being able to afford their own kit can have a big impact on their lives, as a lot feel like they will not be accepted by their peers.

"For all our squads, we have a team kitbag with everything needed to play the game safely but there is something about having your own bat that is extremely important to the players and helps form a partnership.

"We have given out some of the team bats to individual player’s in the past and seen a dramatic change, not only to the players game, but in their social skills and their willingness to be involved in parts of sessions that were difficult for them to do previously. 

"The players are learning to bat, and they value the bats given to them. It really means the world and we have seen players really push on and become the top players in their respective teams. Knowing you can rely on your bat and choose a bat that suits you is something that we all take for granted, so our kitbags are a short-term solution and our aim is to be able to provide every player in all our 6 teams with their OWN equipment. We strive to give every player the opportunity to be the best they can be, whilst building confidence and feeling comfortable as possible.”

Viking will be making donations of some cricket gear of their own and making a donation at the end of the season, but they would like to ask any followers or local clubs and players to please give any cricket gear that they won't be using, as long as it’s still usable they'll make sure it’s put into the hands of disadvantaged youngsters whom it will make a world of difference to.

Middlesex supporters can drop kit into the following regional collection centre in London...

It’s Just Cricket, Units 12 & 14, 249 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 5QY

Tel 0207 582 0038 drop off on Mon/Wed/Fri or Sat.

If you really want to donate to Viking's cause, please contact them on 07866 371437 and they'll be happy to help.

If you're interested in being a drop off point for kit collections, please call them on 07866 371437.

Viking Cricket's website can be viewed by clicking HERE

Or follow them on Twitter HERE







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