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over 5 years ago | Squads


Middlesex Cricket today announces the departure of Richard Johnson from the club's coaching staff.

Johnson asked to be released from his contract with Middlesex Cricket and the club have reluctantly agreed to his request.

Johnson returned to Middlesex as a coach in 2010 and has played a significant role in many of the club’s successes over the course of the past nine seasons. These include helping Middlesex gain promotion to Division One of the County Championship in 2011, the club winning the County Championship in 2016 and the development of a number of players to a level where they were selected for England and England Lions.

Middlesex’s Managing Director of Cricket, Angus Fraser, said:

“It is obviously sad to see Richard leave as he has been a key member of Middlesex's coaching staff since I returned to the Club in 2009.

“Richard, Richard Scott and myself have worked together incredibly closely during this period and they both have a huge amount to be proud of.

"I fully understand Richard's situation, in that he is looking for greater security than the 14 months he currently has left on his contract with the club, but with Stuart Law starting as Head Coach in the New Year and new relationships to be formed, I felt it would be wrong to extend his contract at this precise moment in time.

“Richard leaves the club with my thanks for what he has contributed. He has many good friends at Lord's and there are many players appreciative of the excellent work that he has done with them."

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