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Last year, when Middlesex Cricket established a number of Committees to focus on the key areas of the business, the Membership Committee (Memcom) was formed, comprising a Committee of Board Directors and Senior Club staff, supplemented with focus groups with the Club’s members, tasked with investigating new ideas and improving the Club’s service to its members.

Whilst the challenges of Covid have led to the Committee not meeting regularly in person, the group have met regularly online over the last six months and have held two incredibly productive online focus groups with volunteer members in this period.

Memcom has already started to have a positive impact on the service the Club is delivering to its members, with some terrific ideas already discussed and actioned across the winter. What is clear, is that there is a genuine appetite from within the membership to get more involved and play an even greater role in how the Club’s membership offering is shaped.

The overwhelming impression that Memcom have is that members want to feel part of the club. Watching cricket is obviously right at the core for the vast majority of members, however the desire for wider involvement and opportunities to meet and engage with fellow members and communicate more openly with the Club is very evident.

With this in mind, and to increase opportunities for members to liaise with the Club, today a dedicated email address has been set up for members to make direct contact with the Membership Committee – [email protected].

Any members wishing to contact Memcom now have a direct line of approach, and can use this new email address, which will be constantly monitored, ensuring that all enquiries are answered in a timely fashion, and that all issues raised, and ideas proposed can be openly discussed within future Memcom meetings.

Board Director and Chair of the Membership Committee, Marilyn Smith, commented:

“This Club belongs to its members, so it makes complete sense that at any point, members should easily be able to raise any issues they have with us, propose any ideas for us to consider, and have any grievances dealt with in a timely and satisfactory manner.

“We’ve been delighted with the effectiveness of Memcom to this point and are excited about the things we’ve been working on and are now looking into. What’s so rewarding for us is the warmth, loyalty, and passion that members have for the club, which in these unbelievably challenging times has really been put to the test.

“We’ll be continuing to organise dedicated focus groups around topics we’re discussing, as input from the membership and feedback on our proposals is hugely important to us, so any members wanting to get involved in future Memcom activities, have any questions, or simply want to suggest something new to us, then all they have to do is contact us via the dedicated email address we’ve set up.”

Two years ago, Middlesex Cricket also set up the Membership Communications Group (MCG), which comprises six volunteer members who liaise regularly with the Club’s Senior Management and Board Directors. The purpose of this group is twofold really; firstly for MCG member volunteers to bring questions to the meetings that they have received from their fellow members, which will get answered directly from the Board, and the information then fed back to the wider membership, and secondly, for the Club to inform the MCG volunteers of the latest goings on at Middlesex, for this information to again be filtered out to the wider membership by the volunteer members.

The MCG has been running successfully for two years now and continues to provide a very useful tool for the club to improve the two-way flow of information between the Club and its members. The Club would however love to hear from any members who are interested in volunteering to join the MCG moving forwards and playing a part in these activities.

Smith added:

“If you’re a member, who is in regular contact with numerous other members, and are happy to volunteer some time to help the Club improve its relationship and communication with its members, then you’re just the person we’re looking for to join the MCG.

“We look forward to hearing from all members who have anything they wish to discuss or if they wish to talk to us about joining the Membership Communications Group.”

The new Memcom email address is: [email protected]

For any queries regarding the administration of your membership / direct debits / change of contact details, please continue to contact [email protected]

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