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Middlesex Coaches Association announces exciting opportunities for coaching bursaries

The Middlesex Coaches Association (MCoA) has just announced exciting new opportunities for 25 coaching bursaries across the county for potential ECB Support Coaches.

The MCoA has pledged a total of £1000 - £200 for each of the five Middlesex Cricket Areas (North, South, Central, East, West) – to support those who want to start their journey as a cricket coach and become qualified as an ECB Support Coach.

There are 5 x £40 Middlesex Support Coach bursaries (the cost of the ECB Support Coach Course) to be awarded by each MCoA Area Coaching Team (the MCoA Area Coaching Ambassador and Middlesex Participation Manager).These can be awarded either to an individual or to a club where there is a particular need for coaches, with priority to young (under 21) or female applicants, who have shown a commitment to their passion for the game and to club loyalty.

The training course commitment is a 1-day event or 2 x 3-hour modules, and we shall make every effort to run these courses locally at a club or at a venue in each area. We know that there are loads of young cricketers interested in getting into coaching to broaden their experience of this wonderful game, but who may be held back by the cost of a training course or the problems of travel to the course. These bursaries are a way of resolving those issues.

Any individual or club interested in applying for one of these bursaries should contact their MCoA Area Coaching Ambassador or Middlesex Participation Manager explaining their interest.

The MCoA believes passionately in supporting those who are keen to take a first step in their career as a cricket coach and those who wish to develop further their skills as a coach and the roles in which they operate. We hope that these bursaries will be part of a much wider bursary scheme to support the coaching community in Middlesex at every level.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Area Coaching Ambassadors: North Area – Ashraf Hosein, South Area – Richard Zotov, Central Area – Ladi Sonaike, East Area – Johan de Silva, West Area – Vimal Somani

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