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over 2 years ago|Community

Ahead of the last silverware of the 2021 summer, the Girls’ U14 Middlesex Summer Cup final, we spoke to North London CC – a thriving, ambitious and inclusive club who provide opportunities at all levels with a strong growth structure.

How important is the pathway from juniors to the adult sides at North London CC?

North London had a record number of junior members in 2021, with 320 local children having the opportunity to enjoy their cricket at North London. There were more All Stars and Dynamos Cricket children on top of this, all adding their own vibrant outlook into the club’s community. The club has seen their number of juniors double the past four years which is a testament to the structure in place. There were almost 100 girls playing at the start of the pathway into the club’s Women’s section, which has grown significantly over recent years. The club has had a particular focus on closing the gap between juniors and seniors and creating a proper bridge between junior and senior cricket. That includes encouraging the senior players to coach and get to know the juniors, assisting with their transition to senior cricket as a natural pathway extension. This has been exemplified by the U19 T20 Shield victory, where all 11 players had played senior cricket for NLCC the day before, and with the U14 girls’ squad who won the County Seaxe League earlier this month and are playing in the Summer Cup final on Sunday. Six of those girls have already played women’s cricket for NLCC.

What else happens at North London CC?

North London have placed great emphasis on building a truly integrated club, valuing, supporting and promoting cricket for all - men, women, boys and girls. The growth of women’s cricket is at the heart of that commitment, creating a local hub for women’s cricket and accommodating women who are interested in playing irrespective of their level of experience. The numbers bear that out - 60 players turned out in women’s games this year – of which were 25 new adult women members. Two Sunday women’s league sides have played throughout the season with considerable success and further development games, including soft ball cricket, are also being created for beginners. An increasing number of women - elected by the membership as a whole - now sit on the Club’s management committee, ensuring that it now sits alongside men’s cricket in terms of North London’s priorities. The 2021 performances provided a season of rich success, with the men’s First and Second XIs achieving promotion and the women’s teams winning the Esme Irwin T20 cup and the Derick Morgan divisional title.

What next?

The Girls’ U14 Middlesex Summer Cup final is being played on Sunday (19 September) with North London facing Harrow, which will draw an end to Women and Girls cricket in Middlesex for the summer.

We would like to thank the team at North London CC for their contribution and congratulations on a strong season! You can find more information about the club on their website.

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