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Middlesex Coaching Awards 2021

The Middlesex Coaching Awards scheme 2021, which is part of the ECB national coaching awards, is underway. It has been a difficult couple of years, but Middlesex coaches have risen magnificently to the many challenges this has presented and come through that brilliantly. Middlesex Cricket would like to ensure that we recognise and reward the achievements of our wonderful coaches through the ECB coaching awards scheme.

There are four categories of award:

Find a copy of the nomination form which includes information on the four categories of award, the criteria for nomination in each category, and how to submit a nomination here. Please use a separate nomination form for each category of award.

There have been wonderful winners of these awards in previous years, several of whom have gone on to achieve national recognition, and the success of the scheme relies on us having a good spread of candidates to select from. Sometimes organisations are reluctant to nominate because they have concerns about their written submission or because they are hesitant about recognising individual achievement. Nominators should not worry about that because we want to hear about all the coaches that are doing such a great job.

Please pass on this information, or make a nomination yourself, to your club, to individual coaches you work with, and to any organisation where coaching is taking place, and encourage them to nominate. And if anyone has any questions about this or about a nomination, please ask them to contact the MCoA by email at [email protected]

DEADLINE: 11am on Thursday 30 September 2021

There has been some fantastic coaching in Middlesex in 2021, and these awards are one way of recognising and rewarding the excellent work of our Middlesex coaches, who have done so much for the game this year.

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