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This week we spoke to Priory Park CC, who were able to start a brand new junior section this summer through the All Stars Cricket programme.

How has the All Stars Cricket programme benefited Priory Park CC?

For nearly 40 years, Priory Park only played friendly cricket, with one team and no junior section. After joining the Middlesex Championship (now MCCL) in 2016 they have developed the club further, creating a second team in 2019. This summer was their first season of All Stars Cricket, and word spread through the local community which provided a fantastic immediate impact. They went from hoping for an ‘ambitious’ 10 children to sign up to the programme, to ending up with 32 children enrolled. Parents were telling their friends and family about the club and sharing their experiences. The purpose of creating an All Stars Cricket section at Priory Park was to assist in establishing a junior section. Due to their location the club knew that starting a traditional junior section was going to be nearly impossible, so by creating an All Stars Cricket section they hope to continue the growth of the club from ground up. In the future, the aim is to progress the children through age group programmes and then break through to the senior teams, rather than relying on current members on introducing friends to make up the numbers.

What else happens at Priory Park CC?

As a relatively small club (based on the number of members), everyone at the club knows each other. This allows friendships throughout the membership, making it easier to organise social events and new cricketing programmes like All Stars Cricket. The family atmosphere which has been created is fantastic and has welcomed a number of new children and their parents. The team at Priory Park have made a focus on ensuring that every child that joins will be looked after and that they belong to the club which, importantly, emphasises that they are not ‘just another number’. The club ethos is supported by the facilities at their Cavendish Recreational Ground home. With a long-term lease on the pavilion, they have exclusive access and use of the square. This allows them the stable base to build the club on, and with ongoing dialogue to improve the ground’s facilities, the club is looking towards a bright future.

What next?

Congratulations to Priory Park CC on the completion of their first year of the All Stars Cricket programme! They will now be able to build on their experiences and provide more exciting experiences to their local children as the club progresses. If you are interested in running an All Stars Cricket programme next summer please contact [email protected].

We would like to thank the team at Priory Park CC for their contribution and be sure to visit the club if you are in the area! You can find more information about the club on their website.

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