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This week we Focus on the Hackney Super 1s Hub, which has been one of the most popular Disability Cricket sessions that has run in Middlesex. The hubs are run through the Lord’s Taverners charity partners, who also run the Table Cricket programme.

How are the Disability Super 1s Hubs run?

Launched in 2013, Super 1s Hubs are aimed at young people aged between 12-25 and are open to those with either physical or learning disabilities. By creating community cricket hubs where these young people can enjoy coaching, they are able to enjoy the benefits to playing regular sport in a comfortable environment. Opportunities to take part in regular competitive sport can be very limited for these participants, and many struggle to reach their potential, so the Super 1s Hubs are a way of improving their well-being whilst gaining genuine, valuable life skills. Middlesex Cricket runs eleven community hubs across the county, including a ‘Super Hub’ at the Middlesex Cricket Indoor School in Finchley.

What happens at the Hackney Hub?

The Hackney Hub has been one of Middlesex’s most popular Super 1s Hubs, running at Kings Hall Leisure Centre throughout the year. Sessions last two hours, running between 4pm and 6pm. The session has seen several participants go through to represent the Middlesex County Disability squads, which has inspired their friends to work towards the same progression. The Hackney session usually sees between 10 and 15 participants each week, and the borough always features in the business end of the Lord’s Taverners finals.

Most attendees to the Hackney session come from deprived backgrounds, meaning that a lack of internet access and the lockdowns have left them feeling very isolated and detached from society. Throughout each lockdown there were regular conversations about how the sessions could resume as quickly and safely as possible, as this would enable participants to have vital access to their friends and social interaction. The importance of indoor sessions meant a change of venue was required, and Kings Hall Leisure Centre have been very accommodating and allowed the Hub to progress even further. Due to its easily accessible location new participants have started to attend the sessions, enabling the Hub to keep increasing its significance in the community.

What next?

For more information about the Super 1s Disability cricket programme in Middlesex, please contact [email protected]. You can find more information about the club on the Disability section of our website.

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