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As you will be aware, the ECB are currently undergoing a High Performance Review of cricket, which could have a significant impact on the structure of the game moving forwards.

We have received a high volume of correspondence from members of the Club raising concerns over this review process, requesting clarity on the Club’s position in respect of any changes that are being proposed and requesting further clarification that members’ views will be sought.

We wanted to reassure all members that their involvement in this process is absolutely paramount and we will be engaging with members to discuss, consult, and ultimately help us to shape our response to any proposals being put forward.

It is important that all members acknowledge a number of facts at this stage however:

  1. There is an enormous amount of speculation within the media on this matter, however we stress that this is merely speculation to this point.
  2. Middlesex Cricket are fully engaged within this process, but to date, HAVE NOT received any concrete proposals from the ECB, despite what has been suggested in the media.
  3. Senior Representatives of the Club are meeting with the ECB and other First Class Counties next week, when more detail will be provided to us and more clarity given. This process will begin in the North of England, tomorrow, so it is reasonable to expect that more media coverage will result from this, some of which may have substance, although please remember that much will be continued speculation.
  4. No changes can be enforced by the ECB without the support and approval of twelve of the eighteen Clubs Chairs.
  5. The suggestion that a reduction in volume of red-ball cricket from 14 games in 2023 is completely unfounded and is not even being considered.
  6. The suggestion that a reduction in the number of First-Class Counties from 18 in 2023 is completely unfounded and is not even being considered.

The Club has already been canvassing views of members, informally through the Members’ Communications Group that exists, however, to ensure every member has the opportunity to voice their views, we will be holding an online virtual members’ forum on this specific subject, when members will have the opportunity to ask questions live to a Senior panel of Middlesex Club representatives.

Furthermore, the Club will also be sending out an online survey to all members via email, to give further opportunity for members to air their views on the matter.

We will inform members of the exact date of the proposed online forum and will provide details of when the online survey will be available to members in due course.

The Club is anticipating a formal communication from the ECB and FCC’s in the next 24 hours and we will circulate this to all members once it is received, but we wanted to communicate directly to all members now to make them aware of our intentions and plans.

In the meanwhile, please be assured that your opinions will be listened to and will form the basis of any decisions we make on proposed changes to the game, whatever they may be, and that the Club will be open and transparent with its members, keeping them as informed as possible throughout the entire process.

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