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Middlesex Cricket’s plans to engage more closely with the recreational game and its communities across Middlesex were further evidenced this week, as Interim Chair, Angus Fraser, was joined by Middlesex and Sunrisers professionals Max Holden and Abtaha Maqsood for a Q&A event at Eastcote Cricket Club.

The Middlesex party were joined by over 50 of Eastcote’s own members for an entertaining evening discussing all things cricket, with both Holden and Maqsood talking attendees through their own journeys and experiences in the game.

Earlier this year, Middlesex Cricket launched a series of innovative recreational club forums, as part of its new ‘Middlesex in the Community’ initiative, where the club visited a number of recreational clubs across the county to discuss how best to work more closely with them and support them moving forwards – this week’s Q&A evening at Eastcote was born directly out of those events.

Middlesex Cricket has one further event planned later this month, when Angus Fraser will be joined by other professional players to visit Ickenham Cricket Club, for another Q&A evening to which Ickenham’s members will be invited, whilst the Club has already outlined several other dates across the summer to hold similar events.

Speaking of the event this week, Angus Fraser commented:

“When we set out on our plan to work more closely with the recreational game by hosting our club forums, events like this were exactly what we hoped would happen.

“For those that play the game recreationally to be able to listen to Max and Abtaha’s stories of how they’ve furrowed their own paths in the game to get to the top is inspirational and shows just what can be achieved with a lot of hard work and dedication.

“At Middlesex, we are committed to working more closely with our communities, and engaging with the clubs across the county play a huge part in that. Us attending events like this, talking to the players and members who give so much to the recreational game was a really enjoyable and enlightening experience. It was a great fundraising opportunity for the club hosting us and we would urge any other clubs in the county who would like to host similar events to get in touch with us.

“A great night was had by all, and our thanks go to everyone at Eastcote Cricket Club for hosting us. We look forward to hosting many more events like this one in the coming months.”

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