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In the strongest possible terms, Middlesex Cricket today issues the following statement, wishing irrefutably to distance itself from an organisation called “Middlesex Schools Cricket”.

In 2021 Middlesex Cricket became aware of an organisation that had been created called “Middlesex Schools Cricket” – an independent organisation, with no ties or affiliation whatsoever to Middlesex Cricket, and is in no way endorsed by Middlesex Cricket.

When this organisation was established, Middlesex Cricket, contacted them to discuss them using the trading name of “Middlesex Schools Cricket”, strongly voicing our concerns that this could lead to incorrect assumptions that their organisation was in some way affiliated to Middlesex Cricket, which is categorically not the case.

These concerns have proven well founded, as over the period that this organisation has been operating, Middlesex Cricket has fielded numerous enquiries and complaints about the conduct of those representing the organisation, with complainants assuming that the organisation was tied to the Club. In every case, we have made it clear that this organisation has nothing to do with Middlesex Cricket.

Today, on social media, on the Middlesex School Cricket Twitter account, a post has been created with an image that all at Middlesex Cricket finds deeply offensive, wholly inappropriate, and is at complete odds with everything Middlesex Cricket stands for.

The post, which suggests a number of ‘sledges’ that might be used this season, is so offensive that we will not repeat the content contained within the image used, other than to say that the posting of such material is utterly despicable and will cause deep distress to many people. There is absolutely no place for it.

We have today made the England and Wales Cricket Board, the games’ governing body, aware of the conduct of this organisation, in respect of this Twitter post, and this statement has been distributed to Middlesex Cricket’s media distribution list, posted on the Club’s website, and shared across our social media channels, as we wish to conclusively distance ourselves publicly from this organisation.


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