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Roadshow/Tradeshow at Acton Cricket Club - 06 March 2024

Middlesex in The Community, the new charitable arm of Middlesex County Cricket Club, successfully ran its first ‘Roadshow/Tradeshow’ event last Wednesday, 6 March 2024. The event, which took place at Acton Cricket Club, was primarily used to introduce Middlesex in The Community (MITC) to the Clubs of Middlesex, with Will Stone and Nelson Derry, the Chair and a Trustee of MITC, in attendance to explain their vision for the foundation.

The evening, which was attended by more than 40 people, was also used to announce MITC’s exciting new partnership with AJ Sports and to give members of clubs the opportunity to ask relevant Middlesex staff members questions they may have about MITC and to raise any concerns they might have for the coming season.

Raj Nath, a Middlesex Participation officer, Dharani Thayi, Middlesex’s Cricket4London Activation Officer and Josh Knappett, who completed Middlesex’s recent facilities audit, helped Will, Nelson and Angus Fraser answer several considered questions from the floor. Also present was Clint Hillhouse from Stuart Canvas, to give advice and help to Clubs with covers, sightscreens etc, and Ian Moore, the Facilities Planning Manager of England and Wales Cricket Board.

MITC will have a number of roles. Along with being responsible for delivering the Middlesex County Partnership agreement with the England and Wales Cricket Board, it is also charged with looking after, guiding and overseeing the cricket clubs of Middlesex. The last part of its remit is raising funds, so that MITC can use cricket as a vehicle to do good and have a really positive effect on the communities of Middlesex. An example of this is the partnership with AJ Sports. AJ Sports currently sponsor the Middlesex County Cricket League and the Middlesex Women’s Cricket League, and MITC will receive a donation from AJ Sports for every ball they sell to clubs in Middlesex. This money will be used to create a fund which will then provide small grants for schemes that clubs may have.

MITC hope to make this ‘Roadshow/Tradeshow’ an annual event that will, hopefully, get larger and larger. The foundation also intends to run a number of ‘Evening With’ nights at clubs during the summer. These evenings, which will be of no cost to the clubs, will comprise of Angus Fraser and a couple of Middlesex cricketers visiting your club to have a relaxed, informative and, hopefully, enjoyable evening where adult and junior members of your clubs can ask questions of Angus and his guests.

East London Boroughs Cap Presentation at Old Camdenians CC - 01 March 2024

Middlesex legend Angus Fraser presented cricketers selected for the East London Boroughs with their caps on Friday 1 March at Old Camdenians Cricket Club in Barnet. At the event Angus spoke about the importance and relevance of the caps a cricketer will receive and wear during their careers. He proudly talked through the caps he had been given in his career and brought them along to show people. The caps started with his time at Stanmore Cricket Club cap and ended with the cap he wore the last time he played Test cricket for England. During the evening, which was attended by more than 100 parents and children, funds were raised for Middlesex in The Community, the new charitable arm of Middlesex County Cricket Club. Middlesex in The Community would like to thank those who attended for their generous support of this exciting new foundation.

Future MITC event for your diary

MITC will also use similar style events for fundraising, and the first of these will take place at Sunbury Cricket club on Thursday 2 May 2024. Alec Stewart, the great Surrey and Middlesex cricketer, will be Angus’ guest that evening. The evening promises to be an excellent mix of entertainment, cricketing insights, fun and delicious food. If you would like information about the event please contact us at the following email address [email protected].

You can also purchase tickets to this event HERE - priced at £40 per person or £350 for a table of ten.

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