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Changing and Showering Policy

Middlesex Cricket - Changing and Showering Policy

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Statement of Intent

Middlesex Cricket is committed to providing a safe and effective environment for young people to enjoy their involvement in cricket and reach their potential.

All people involved in cricket including parents, guardians/ carers, coaches, team managers, volunteers and organisers must be aware that there are circumstances under which junior players may find themselves changing in facilities where adults are present. We all have a duty of care to ensure all risks are minimised by implementing the following procedures.


  1. Adults must not change, or shower, at the same time using the same facility as children or young people - if the same changing room is to be used by both the adult and child teams, they must have different times of use, this includes during match times i.e. padding up.
  2. Mixed gender teams must have access to separate male and female changing rooms, if this is not possible, each gender is to have a distinct time slot.
  3. Due to the risks of inappropriate photography or filming, mobile phones and other devices containing a camera must not be used in changing rooms.
  4. If children and young people are uncomfortable changing or showering at the designated facility, no pressure should be placed on them to do so. Suggest instead that they may change and shower at home.
  5. No ‘team talks’ are to be conducted by adults in changing rooms for junior teams or open age teams with U18 players included.
  6. No adults are to enter changing facilities allocated to junior players unless the situation is deemed necessary, for example an accident or incident has occurred that puts children and young people at risk. If this was to happen, verbally announce entry before entering the changing room and where possible have a second adult present.

Highly Recommended

This policy, and the awareness around it, should be made visible in changing rooms and on the entrance to showering facilities.

Reviewed: 3/11/22

Next Review: November 2023