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Disciplinary Proceedings that involve U18s

Middlesex Cricket Disciplinary proceedings that involve U18’s.

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This guidance will apply to all settings where an U18 is involved in disciplinary matters as a witness, complainant, subject, or any other way. The processes that are followed must pay due consideration to safeguarding and welfare issues. No part of the process should be oppressive or intimidating for the child or young person.

As soon as it becomes apparent that the process involves an U18, the County Safeguarding Officer (County SO) should be informed – [email protected]

Any panel should consider whether they need the child or young person to attend in person, and may discuss this with the County SO. When making the decision consideration should be given to:

Parents, guardians / carers should be included in any invitation.

The County SO will ensure that the child or young person is properly supported, and will either act as, or appoint, a suitable ‘Welfare Chaperone’ for the investigative/disciplinary process, in consultation with the child or young person’s parents, guardians/carers.

The Welfare Chaperone is likely to be the child or young person’s Club Safeguarding Officer (Club SO), unless there is potential conflict of interest (e.g. the Club SO is the parent, guardian/carer, or the Club SO is also involved in the incident). If this is the case then a Club SO from another club may be asked to assist, or a League SO, or the County SO will undertake the role.

The Welfare Chaperone should have no other role in the proceedings – their involvement is purely regarding the welfare of the child or young person The Welfare Chaperone should liaise with the child or young person and his/her family throughout, making sure the child is kept fully informed. He or she can act for more than one child or young person at the same hearing if this is thought appropriate.

If a child or young person does not wish to attend, they cannot be compelled to do so. The Welfare Chaperone will discuss the process with the child or young person and his/her family to ensure they fully understand the procedure.

If the child or young person chooses to give a statement to the panel the ordinarily that statement should be prepared in advance in written format. This can be written by the child, young person or any other person. It is important that the statement is the child or young person’s views and words.

If, when attending the Panel, the child or young person is asked to give an explanation regarding their behaviour or what they have witnessed, all involved should bear in mind the age and potential vulnerability of the child or young person in such a setting. Questioning should be conducted in a considerate manner, and must not be oppressive, persistent, lengthy, or demeaning. The Welfare Chaperone should ask the Chair of the Panel to suspend proceedings immediately if they have any concerns about the manner or duration of questioning.

Where a child or young person is found to have committed a disciplinary offence requiring potential sanction, consideration should be given to the child or young person’s age and understanding, as well as their experience of life and cricket, before any sanctions are issued.

Where it is necessary for a report to be circulated, within the relevant cricket league, any individual U18 years of age must not have their details published.

Reviewed 30/11/23

Next review due November 2024