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Welcome to our safeguarding information section.

We provide you the opportunity to understand our processes and how to report to us directly. However we know there are some fantastic resources, sites, organisation and information that is made available to all.

We wanted to share some of these with you here. Please know that most of these links take you out of our Middlesex website, so if you do want to come back to us, either click on your back button on your browser or type in again to bring you back to our homepage.

We operate under ECB governance and frameworks. For ECB's strategy on safeguarding, click HERE, and for ECB’s recently refreshed Safeguarding information: click HERE. It holds some excellent detail and we work within all their policies.

If you’re a cricket club wanting to review your own safeguarding policies: Please see the safe hands resources: Click HERE

There are some excellent charities and external bodies which we either work with or would recommend you towards regarding safeguarding:

Middlesex Cricket have a responsibility over its employees, professional male and female cricketers and support staff, pathway players and coaching staff, and in delivery of programmes in the recreation game under it participation department. It runs activation events at major match days and out-ground games. It also has a responsibility over cricket within Middlesex therefore we work closely with the following leagues (MCCL, MCPL, MJCA, MWCL, etc) and provide support to affiliated cricket clubs.

If you wish to become an affiliated club to reach additional levels of support click here.

ECB Safeguarding Guidance - Safe Hands The ECB is currently working with its stakeholders and partner organisations to update Safeguarding Guidance for the game. Once this review has taken place, we will upload the updated guidance to our website as well as sharing directly with stakeholders and partners. These will then be shared by us at Middlesex Cricket.

Safeguarding Children in Cricket – Safe Hands Policy Statement The ECB is very clear that cricket should be a game for everyone. Children are the future of our sport – so it’s vital that they experience cricket in a safe, friendly, secure and enjoyable environment. It is ECB’s vision that every individual and club should have the appropriate tools and confidence to create a supportive and safe environment in which children and young people can flourish.
Download the ECB Safe Hands Policy Statement - December 2022

Safeguarding Adults Safeguarding adults means protecting an adults right to live safely, free from abuse and neglect. Safeguarding Adults Policy Statement The ECB is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment and accepts our responsibility to safeguard Adults at Risk involved in all levels of cricket in England & Wales in accordance with the Care Act 2014 (England) and the Social Services and Wellbeing Act 2014 (Wales). The ECB Safeguarding Adults Policy Statement applies to all individuals involved in cricket.




POSITIONS OF TRUST - THE LAW IS CHANGING – click here for more info

The Wyhte Report