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I joined Middlesex Cricket in December 2015.

It would have to be when I coached the Disability Super 9s team and when the Disability team won the league in 2016.

Rewarding in that it allows you to give something back to the community. As a Participation Manager it’s about helping the communities and clubs who need it most, and when you can see the impact that help has. The feeling of contributing positively to our community through your work is rare to find in a day job!

I was awarded Sports Coach of the Year by Islington Council in 2018.

Teamwork – Think of it like this, all five fingers aren’t the same size but when you make a fist it is a powerful tool. What does this mean when it comes to teamwork – we are all individuals with unique skills, when those individuals come together, they become a powerful team/force. So therefore, there is NO ‘I’ in team!

The Ashes

My Dad teaching me to bat in the corridor of our flat when I was six.

A glass of Jonnie Walker Black Label on the rocks!!!

I would be lying if I didn’t say Saag Paneer or anything Indian!!!