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Transport Policy

Middlesex Cricket - Transport Policy

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Middlesex Cricket requires all parents, guardians/carers to ensure that players under the age of 18 years old are transported to and from the training and or playing venue.

Please ensure the coach, manager or event organiser is aware of the players arrival and departure arrangements to and from the venue. This must be pre-arranged and agreed with the responsible adult for that event.

If older players have permission to commute via public transport or via a privately arranged car journey with another adult not in a position of authority with Middlesex Cricket, please inform the coach, manager, or event organiser of this arrangement prior to the event.

Over 18-year-old Middlesex players cannot transport under 18-year-old Middlesex players to and from Middlesex matches, training & events.

If you are unable to transport your child to a game or training session, please arrange an alternative and appropriate method for your child’s transportation.

If you are unable to stay at the venue whilst the activity is taking place, please ensure you arrive at a pre-arranged time and meeting point confirmed by the coach, manager, or organiser to collect your child, young person. If you are unable to make the pre-arranged time for any reason, please contact the coach, manager or organiser immediately in order for appropriate safeguarding arrangements to be agreed.

Parents, guardians/carers are reminded that all Middlesex Cricket coaches, managers & volunteers cannot under any circumstances transport players under the age of 18 years old at any time.

Please discuss transport arrangements with the coach, manager or event organise in the first instance. In the event this person cannot be reached in an emergency please contact the County Safeguarding Officer - [email protected] on 02036 409772

Reviewed 30/11/2023

Next review November 2024