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Here at Middlesex Cricket, we are dedicated to fulfilling our responsibility within our community to delivering reliable, professional and robust safeguarding across the game and within cricket.

We are aware of our responsibility and are here to support all those that interact with the game or our club in any way. If you need to report an incident or concern click HERE, email [email protected] , or call Middlesex’s safeguarding hotline 02036 409772.

Alternatively if the incident poses immediate threat you can directly approach the police on 101 or 999 depending on level of threat to life.

Due to the nature of our business, our county, our communities, and our game, we want to provide you with the essential information and contact points you need to help you understand how we deliver safeguarding.

Central to us providing effective safeguarding is our understanding that there are many areas and many ways that people can engage with or be involved in cricket in the county, and our safeguarding policy ensures that every persons' safeguarding needs are covered.

We work across three areas of responsibly; our professional playing staff, activities we deliver, and how we support clubs and cricketing groups. All our delivery is underpinned by the ECB and their Safeguarding team, by the police and the law, as well as by our philosophy and passion for caring.

We are always reviewing and enhancing our safeguarding strategy and resource as it’s a critical area of responsibility in which we want to achieve industry leading provisions in. We know what a complex area of expertise this is and within our diverse communities - which we are proud to represent and celebrate in our area of London – we want to continue to engage and educate, and be available and accessible.

We recognise the important nature of Safeguarding topics and understand there are cross overs into other support areas. We have our Middlesex Cricket Safeguarding and operating standards, however we often see concerns and situations that arise across other layers of protection.

Incidents frequently cross over these layers, and therefore require sensitive, appropriate and timely responses. Doping and Corruption is more likely within our professional cricket environment, however, its important to be aware of challenges and complexities.

We put the person at risk at the centre of all our safeguarding measures, and have multiple ways in supporting, to ensure everyone who is in our care or attending our actives feels safe and free from harm, and then when additional services are required – we are here to support.

Please use any of the following direct points of contact within Middlesex Cricket’s Safeguarding for any safeguarding conversations, advice or cross over, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. These are all shared email accounts, that are handled with upmost professionalism, sensitivity and accountability in line with our data privacy policy and our safeguarding standards and codes - which can be seen HERE.

If you have any safeguarding concerns, email us at [email protected] or call us on 02036 409772

If you have any EDI concerns or complaints, please email us at [email protected]